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Issue One, Published January 2013

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A BRIEF PERSPECTIVE ON THE 6 TRAIN A BRIEF PERSPECTIVE ON THE 6 TRAIN ISSUE THREE FLASH FIICTIION CONTEST FLASH F CT ON CONTEST OPEN TO SUBMIISSIIONS OPEN TO SUBMISSIONS PEN TO UBM SS ONS SEPTEMBER 1 -- OCTOBER 31 2013 SEPTEMBER 1 OCTOBER 31 2013 EPTEMBER CTOBER ▪ CLIICK HERE FOR GUIIDELIINES ▪ ▪ CL CK HERE FOR GU DEL NES ▪ SEAN O'SIADHAIL I see a long black hair stuck between your toes and those pretty yellow sandals of yours and the temptation to reach down and push people out of the way to do it and yes to reach down slowly and deliberately and pull it out is really rather amazing and though I'm not really fond of feet or of yellow sandals because yellow is the color of illness for me in general and I'm deeply resentful of finding or even observing any hairs, especially long ones, in places where they should not be, despite all of these things I can actually feel my body move toward the edge of my seat although it could be my imagination or it could be intent like a liar pretending to be action in my mind, or the ghost of a terrible mistake I've made coming back to stop me from doing anything because I know it wouldn't end well if I reached down and pulled that hair from your yellow sandal even though I'm really doing you a favor because it's likely you would have a gun and shoot me without hesitation or prejudice because there has to be a point in carrying a gun around all day and I can see where you're coming from with that and here's my station anyway so thank god I'm gonna get out alive. ▪ The 2013 ARDOR Flash Fiction Contest is NOW OPEN to submissions of short fiction and prose poetry up to 1,000 words in length The winner will be published in the January Issue of ARDOR & will be awarded a prize of $200 The runner-up will also be published and will receive $50 All entries to the contest will be considered for publication WIINNERS WIILL BE ANNOUNCED W NNERS W LL BE ANNOUNCED BY DECEMBER 1,, 2013 BY DECEMBER 1 2013 SUBMIT YOUR WORK ONLINE 85 | ARDOR

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