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ABOUT THE COVER ARTIST M J Forster is an established British landscape painter. Born in 1975 he has drawn and painted since childhood. With no formal education in the arts he is self-taught and still learning. Matthew completed a sports science degree at Loughborough University in 1997 and afterward he immediately set about life as a professional artist. Initially he established his studio gallery in his native Hexham in the north of England before travelling the world in search of new subject matter and an improved drawing technique. On his return to England in 2003 he continued to develop his love of watercolor and particularly landscape. His self-styled Überpaintings are ever evolving – initially portraying the British landscape, they will continue to move into other subjects both real and imaginary. An Überpainting is the epitome of watercolor. Each piece is constructed using a layering process of flat washes similar to a screen print. These paintings have to be developed through a rigorous and unavoidable process. The final image is created through a series of paintings until the ultimate perfect image is revealed. Portrait of Matt, 2002 Emulsion Matthew is able to portray virtually any subject in his Überpainting style from still life, architectural and figurative works. He believes that if one was to compare art to literature an oil painting would be a novel, watercolor poetry while an Überpainting is a sonnet. Through the strict, self-imposed parameters of the Überpainting process a greater creativity emerges. We are pleased to feature a selection of Matthew's Überpaintings on the first three covers of ARDOR Literary Magazine. Learn more about Matthew and his artwork by visiting his website where you can view an impressive gallery of his work. Links are also available below to email Matthew or connect with him on Facebook and Twitter. CONNECT WITH MJ FORSTER NOW The Highlands, 500mm x 700mm FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT MATT'S WEBSITE MJFORSTER.COM The Valley, 500mm x 700mm

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