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AN INTERVIEW WITH LUISA A. IGLORIA In each issue the editor selects one prose writer and one poet to feature, offering readers a short interview with these writers. Luisa A. Igloria, author of our featured poems, "The Loss and Recovery of Wings," "Temper," "An Abbreviated History of Money" and "Amarparlati" was kind enough to respond to a few questions. ARDOR: Which of these poems was the most challenging to write? Which came easiest? LI: From an emotional point of view, perhaps "Temper" was the most challenging, in that I haven't really written a great many poems on this subject (my first marriage and its eventual dissolution); when I did, it was many years after the fact. On the other hand, once I found a structure within which to house it in the poem, the processes of reflection and revision became more manageable, and formally rewarding. I didn't think a straightforward narrative would be the best approach, and finding other textual counterpoints (Pope, and even that bit from Hannibal Lecter) helped me to play with that framework. In this set of poems "Amarparlati" was the easiest to write; I learned of the existence of this word from a friend and former college mentor who had done field work for his MA thesis (cultural anthropology) in Kalinga, and I was instantly taken by its musicality. The poem starts off fairly simply, as description; and then moves toward a more lyrical close. Despite its brevity, I think it is also able to address the idea of how we're more closely connected than we think we are. (cont.)

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