Results for ARDOR's Inaugural Short Story Contest

July 15, 2013
Our inaugural short story contest is in the books and I’m thrilled to announce that Chris Offutt, our guest judge, has selected Their Own Resolution, a story submitted by David Armstrong, as the winner.  David’s story will appear in our September issue as Featured Prose and he will receive $500 as the winner of our 2013 short story contest. 

Mr. Armstrong’s work stood out in an impressive pool of submissions. We’d like to offer special recognition to our five finalists and the eight stories which received honorable mention in the contest:


Their Own Resolution by David Armstrong


Inheritance by Hasan Altaf

The Jungleland Epiphanies by Tom Howard

The Savage Angels by Tom Howard

Watching by Natalie Sypolt

High-Test by Tim Waldron
Honorable Mention

Nazca Lines by William Cass

The Color Orange by Russell Helms

Tokens of Esteem by Martin Itzkowitz

The Telling of The Day by Ray Morrison

Ladies of the Lake by Radha Narayan

Stealing the Mary B by Darrell Nicholson

At the Marshfield Dam by Russell Reece

In Kilmun Street by Megan Welsh

Of course these fine pieces were not the only stories of note – I need to thank everyone who submitted work to this contest and helped to make it a success.

Over the past few months I had the enjoyable task of offering each story submitted to the contest several close reads.  While reading submissions is always the most enjoyable part of my job, it was especially exciting during this contest as all submissions were offered a blind reading.  The emphasis of our editorial process is always (and must always be) on the work, but with a blind reading the playing field is truly even and I found myself on the edge of my seat each time I picked up a new story – the moment charged with the potential to be moved, transported and transformed.

ARDOR will host another writing contest later this year and in the meantime I will continue to enjoy reading and responding to standard submissions (which remain open year-round).

My sincere thanks to Chris Offutt, our guest judge, and to everyone who entered our inaugural short story contest, congratulations to our winner, David Armstrong, and kudos to each of our finalists and honorable mention recipients. I challenge all of our entrants to keep writing and invite you to join our mailing list to be informed of future contests and to have each new issue of ARDOR Literary Magazine delivered to your inbox upon publication. 

Thank you for the ongoing interest and support you’ve offered this publication, still in its first year.

Joe Hessert, Editor
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