Winner & Finalists Announced for ARDOR's Logo Design Contest

July 9, 2013
We want to thank everyone who took time to offer their creativity and vision to our Logo Design Contest this fall.  We received submissions from talented graphic designers from all over the world and were blown away by the range of beautiful concepts and the separate visions they offered us with their entries.  Today we're pleased to announce the winner, runner up and an honorable mention in our Logo Design Contest:

The Winner:

Matt Willett's logo was selected as the winner of our contest and we're thrilled to have the opportunity to incorporate his logo into our inaugural issue (coming in just a few weeks) and the many issues of the magazine that will follow it. 

We selected Matt's design because of the balanced play between clean lines, fluid shapes and the feeling of weight and substance present in his work.  We feel that these are the same qualities we will strive to present in the range of writing and artwork published within ARDOR and we're grateful to Matt for submitting this beautiful logo! 

For his efforts Matt's logo will be featured prominently within our first three issues and he will be offered ad-space with a direct-link to his website within Issue One, Issue Two and Issue Three.  Additionally he'll be awarded a $20 honorarium for his work as a thank-you for his time and vision.  In our inaugural issue we'll run an announcement about the award and give Matt an opportunity to discuss the inspiration for his logo.  Congratulations, Matt!

Runner Up:

Anastasia Bogushevsky-Gareginyan, a freelance artist and graphic designer based in Boston was selected as the runner-up in our Logo Design Contest for the work seen at right. 

Anastasia submitted three unique logo concepts which were all stunning and we loved how this design offered clean lines, a dynamic balance of color and neutral space and integrated a fountain pen into the logo for our literary magazine. 

We'll be offering Anastasia an honorarium of $5 as a small but sincere thank you for taking the time to work on her stunning concepts for our logo and we want to thank Anastasia for offering Matt such great competition!  Congratulations!

Honorable Mention:

Finally, we're grateful to Daniel Burau for submitting his "Flame" logo design.  His design successfully integrated the meaning of our magazine's name found on our ABOUT page.  We feel the definition of the word ARDOR is a guiding principle for what we look for in submissions and represents the effect that work included in ARDOR Literary Magazine will have on readers. 

By visually representing "great warmth of feeling; fervor; passion" in his flame logo, Mr. Burau showed us that he understood this concept as a central tenet of the magazine and successfully integrated this guiding vision into his design. 

For us, his image stood out as thoughtful, balanced and creative and we were honored to have the opportunity to review his work. As a thank you for his efforts, we'll be offering Daniel an honorarium of $5 for his efforts.  Thanks, Daniel!

Thanks once again to everyone who submitted to our logo design contest.  We're excited for you to see Matt's logo integrated into our inaugural issue in a few weeks!

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